Sound Sorcerer

Sound Sorcerer is a node based drag and drop scripting system that lets you craft or alter sound effects and music, either in real time or 0ffline.

It is a fully programmable synthesizer that doesn't require you to buy expensive hardware, know how to program, or limit you to preset settings, but that's just where the features begin!  It can also be used to process existing audio files (such as adding reverb), it can be used as an effects box for another instrument (such as guitar, bass, keyboard or voice) or you could even use it in conjunction with other hardware or software such as having it generate a custom wave form LFO!

To put it simply, Sound Sorcerer is an audio swiss army knife.

Download Sound Sorcerer v1.0 for windows

Below is a screen shot of one of the included samples as well as an mp3 of it's output.

Click here to listen to the output: screenshot.mp3