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Basic Usage Tutorials

Sound Sorcerer is a really powerful tool.  There are a million options and without prior knowledge, it can be easy to miss some really wonderful gems in the rough.

These tutorials aim to help get you started with sound sorcerer and also to expose you to some new and powerful techniques which you may not be familiar with.  It's recomended that you go through the tutorials in order because each one builds off of the last.

If the tutorials don't clear things up, you can also try the forums on the left where you can get help from other people.

Tutorial 1: Your first program
Tutorial 2: Wave Forms
Tutorial 3: Envelopes
Tutorial 4: Sequencers
Tutorial 5: Using a midi controller Part 1
Tutorial 6: Using a midi controller Part 2
Tutorial 7: Using a midi controller Part 3
Tutorial 8: Using the audio input node