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This node generates a rectangle wave based on the frequency put into it in the range of -1 to 1.  A rectangle wave is just a square wave that doesnt necesarily have equal "up" and "down" parts of the wave.

Input Pins:

1 note data pin
1 sound wave pin

Output Pins:

1 sound wave pin


Starting Phase (in degrees) - This lets you set the starting phase of the rectangle wave.  By default it starts at zero degrees.

High Length - How much of the wave (in percent) should be spent on the "high" portion of the rectangle wave.


This node has an optional sound wave pin as input to control the "High Length" parameter over time by an audio input wave.  If present, the High Length parameter is ignored and instead the data is gotten from the sound wave.  It converts the wave's amplitude from -1,1 to 0,1 (by adding 1 and dividing by 2) and then clips everything outside of the 0,1 range.