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The output node is the final node in the chain and whatever plugs into it is what comes out your speakers when playing, or is saved to disk when saving as a wave file.

There is only one output node per program.  It's created automatically for you and cannot be deleted.

Note that when you save as a wav file, this node centers the wave around zero and normalizes the audio output.

Input Pins:

1 or 2 sound wave pins.

Output Pins:



Length in seconds - When saving as a wave file, this parameter dictates how long the rendered .wav file should be.

Number of Channels - This controls whether the sound is mono (1 channel) or stereo (2 channels).  This also controls the number of input pins there are.

Sample Rate - This controls the sample rate of the output.  It defaults to 44.1khz

Output Device - This lets you select what device you would like to use for audio output.  Different devices have different latency and capabilities and will vary from computer to computer.

Master Volume - This lets you control the output volume.